AMP Eigensolver

Adaptive Multigrid Preconditioned Eigensolver,
Version 1.0, July 2014.
Authors: Ming Zhou and Klaus Neymeyr at the Universität Rostock, Institut für Mathematik, Germany.

The AMP Eigensolver (Adaptive Multigrid Preconditioned Eigensolver) is a software for computing the smallest eigenvalues and the associated eigenfunctions of a self-adjoint and elliptic partial differential operator in 2D domains. The AMP Eigensolver software contains a fast adaptive grid refinement and an efficient iterative eigensolver with multigrid preconditioning. The adaptive grid refinement uses residual based error estimators with respect to linear and quadratic finite elements. The eigensolver is an implementation of the preconditioned gradient subspace iteration for the Rayleigh quotient. The preconditioner is a multigrid V-cycle with Jacobi smoothing. See [9] for numerical experiments with the AMP Eigensolver.
The core of the software is written in FORTRAN and uses the BLAS and LAPACK libraries. The FORTRAN code has been precompiled for the following platforms:

The users' front-end is a graphical user interface (GUI) in Matlab.

Download of the AMP Eigensolver:


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Two screenshots of the AMP Eigensolver:

License information:

The software AMP Eigensolver is an eigensolver for self-adjoint and elliptic partial differential operators in 2D domains.
© 2014 Ming Zhou & Klaus Neymeyr, Universität Rostock, Institut für Mathematik.

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