User's Guide for SymPol


SymPol is a C++ tool to work with symmetric polyhedra. It helps to compute restricted automorphisms (parts of the linear symmetry group) of polyhedra and performs polyhedral description conversion up to a given or computed symmetry group. You may download the complete SymPol package (version 0.1.8) and then follow the instructions below. Additional background information can be found in [BDS09] and in the Diploma thesis of the author Thomas Rehn.



After you have extracted a SymPol distribution package, you will find the following directories: SymPol requires If CMake, GMP and Boostare correctly installed the SymPol applications can be built with:
~/sympol$ mkdir build && cd build
~/sympol/build$ cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release  ..
~/sympol/build$ make
# as root or in su/sudo shell
~/sympol/build$ make install
Then the SymPol binary will be installed in /usr/local/bin. On Linux systems you may have to call ldconfig as root afterwards so that the system knows about the new shared libraries (cddgmp and lrsgmp).


Compute the restricted automorphism group

 sympol --automorphisms-only input-file.ine

Estimate the difficulty of a representation conversion

 sympol -e input-file.ine

Do a representation conversion

For “easy” input, try direct conversion:
 sympol -d input-file.ine
For “difficult” input, try one level of Adjacency Decomposition Method:
 sympol -a input-file.ine
If you want a combination of Incidence and Adjacency Decomposition Method, try
 sympol --idm-adm-level 1 2 -i input-file.ine
and adjust the recursion levels as needed.

Representation conversion and adjacency graph

 sympol -a --adjacencies -i input-file
performs a representation conversion up to symmetries with non-recursive ADM and prints the adjacency graph of the result in a format for use with Graphviz.


As both cdd and lrs are published under GPL2, SymPol is also available under GPL2. Parts of the source code come with a more liberal license: The author's PermLib is BSD licensed.


David Bremner, Mathieu Dutour Sikiric, and Achill Schürmann. Polyhedral representation conversion up to symmetries. In David Avis, David Bremner, and Antoine Deza, editors, Polyhedral computation, CRM Proceedings & Lecture Notes, pages 45–72. American Mathematical Society, 2009. [http]
Thomas Rehn. Polyhedral Description Conversion up to Symmetries. Diploma thesis (mathematics), Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, November 2010. [PDF]


If you have any kind of question about SymPol, it's usage or you have additions, remarks, comments, etc. please feel free to contact its authors Thomas Rehn and/or Achill Schürmann
Last update: Sep 27 2012